Different Types of Interior Wallpaper- Which Type is Best for You?
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Different Types of Interior Wallpaper- Which Type is Best for You?

Using different types of interior wallpaper can add style and sophistication to any home. Since the middle ages, Dubai wallpaper has been a popular way to decorate homes. Before, it was a common material used to cover walls, available only to the wealthy. Luckily, the invention of the printing machine made it possible to use various materials, including paper, to create a more attractive look. Nowadays, several different types of wallpaper can be applied on walls and have different effects.


The most common type of wallpaper is cellulose, which is made from a layer of paper and a layer of vinyl. This type of wallpaper is the most affordable and durable but is not washable. Although it can be easily removed and is easy to apply, cellulose wallpaper is not ideal for bathrooms or kitchens because it is not resistant to moisture. However, this type of design can be repainted, making it a popular choice for any room.


Flock is another popular type of interior wallpaper. Made of a vet-like fiber, the flock is one of the most expensive. It also takes more time to clean and is more difficult to remove. It is best suited for bedrooms, which have minimal traffic. While it is the most expensive, flock wallpaper can last for many years, so it is not recommended for rooms with heavy foot traffic. The only downside is that it is not easy to clean or remove.

Non woven wallpapers:

Non woven wallpapers are less common and more expensive than their cellulose counterparts. This type of wallpaper has a paper ground and a plastic coating on the top, which allows it to breathe. It is the most affordable interior wallpaper but is not suitable for every room. Unlike cellulose, it is not washable and is difficult to apply. In addition, paper wallpapers are not washable. They can tear easily and are therefore not recommended for bathroom and kitchen walls.

Among the different types of interior wallpaper, cellulose is the most common. It is available in single and double layers but does not offer water or moisture resistance. It is commonly used for bedrooms and dining rooms and is inexpensive and easy to install. But, it is not washable, and some types are not even washable. And, they aren’t very easy to remove. In addition to their affordability, cellulose is also more difficult to apply.