What Does an Interior Design Consultant Do
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What Does an Interior Design Consultant Do?

An interior design consultant advises customers on various subjects relating to the interior designing of the room. They usually design plans personally tailored to their customers desires and serve a dual purpose. Interior design consultants may work for individual freelance design firms, or some are even self-employed and operate as full-time independent consultants. But there is no universal requirement to be an interior design consultant and one can work as an interior designer/consultant without having to take up a consulting position.

Many contractors, consultants and interior designers use the same techniques and often the same vocabulary when they talk of their industry. For example, when talking about kitchen design ideas, consultants will often talk about island kitchens and kitchen islands, whereas a contractor may use a term such as custom kitchen and loft kitchen. The main difference between the two is that a contractor is offering an idea for a renovation while an office fit out company in Dubai offers an idea of ways in which the old furniture can be updated or redone so as to achieve a similar look or feel. An interior designer will be responsible for bringing all the design elements together, including kitchen planning and materials as well as finding appropriate places for decorating in the room.

Some consultants work on a freelance basis for office interior design companies in Dubai, working independently, whereas many work for major firms as part of an integration team. It is more common for interior design consultants to work for a number of different firms and use their skills and experience to help them improve and update the service and products offered by other firms. However, some consultants work only with specific individuals or companies. Most interior design consultants may start out by being an assistant to an interior designer or planner, before progressing into the role of an independent consultant or designer eventually.

Interior consultants need to have good communication skills. This is essential, since the clients’ needs and expectations are unique to each project. Clients often have unique design ideas and specifications for each room or space in their home. Therefore, the interior design consultant needs to know how to approach each individual client and convey the detailed requirements effectively to help achieve the best results. Good communication skills also mean that the interior design consultant has the ability to listen carefully to what the clients want from them and needs to clearly define what is required. Most clients want their rooms renovated or updated to reflect their lifestyle and provide them with an enhanced and comfortable living environment.