Facts About Our Eco System

Our eco system is what that keeps our world going and that what also keeps us going as well. If we did not have an eco system, then we would not have been alive neither we would have existed. So, say you need to say a lot of thanks to our eco system which we also call our mother nature. But we are the kind of kids that keep bothering our mother and we all know what happens when a mom gets angry and that is also why you can see how the nature is protecting itself by getting rid of millions of people by introducing the virus. But other than news, we have some amazing facts about our eco system, eco friendly disposable tableware, and biodegradable food containers;

  1. One of many sad facts is that the trees are cut down every day in millions. These trees are used for different reasons; for making paper of books, for making toilet paper, different kinds of woods are used in medicines and used for making furniture. It is estimated that 27,000 trees are cut down every day and if you multiple this number to 365 days, the figure will scare you. Not only the eco system is harmed but many animals lose their homes as well.
  2. The fizzy drinks and different cans are used for different things. These cans are much harmful to the eco system as well. We thought that we had issues with the plastic but these cans are made up of aluminum and too much of these are enough for polluting the environment. And each year people from around the world use 80 trillion cans which is a huge number.
  3. Our animals also play a huge rule in maintaining the eco system and if we started to explain, you will have a never ending point to read. But the issue is that even the plastic kills our aquatic animals and it was estimated that at least 1 million aquatic animals each year.
  4. And talking about plastic, you must have heard that it takes years for it to decompose but do you know how many years does it take? You don’t and we thought so, so for your information it takes 4,000 years to decompose one plastic.