Guidelines for a successful investment

Many people are there who are not happy in their own parent company and they want to go out of there and try their luck in any of the more developed countries in order to earn more and live a good and luxurious life style there. This is not impossible but there will be a lot of different things which you need to make sure about before you apply for any of these kinds of works. You can get Turkish citizenship by investment but for that you have to get some information prior to applying so that you can apply with full confidence and then there will be lesser to no chances of getting rejected. There is another opportunity of the same kind which is having the golden visa Greece in which you will be able to invest in that country and in return you will get the permission to live there permanently. To get more information you have to read this:

  • You need to provide the structure of the investment which you are going to do there otherwise it will be difficult for the authorities to analyze that how much benefit you will be giving them if they allow you to stay there in that country. You have to give them a complete structure of how you will be going to invest and at which rate you will be getting the return on that investment.
  • Along with the investment structure you also need to provide the prediction like the forecast of the cash flow which you will get from that project in which you are investing. You have to give the forecast of about 5 years because in most of the countries you will get the permission to stay for the 5 years and then they analyze your performance to extend your visa or to give you the permission of permanent residency.
  • When a country is allowing you to do business in there and get the earning then it will also expect from you to give some benefit in return in the form of jobs and vacancies for the people of that country to lower down the graph of unemployment. You need to provide the detail that how much new jobs your project will create and how you can help people of that country in earning.