Things to Know About Pharmaceutical Companies
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Things to Know About Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical industry in the UAE is highly competitive. It provides a wide array of job opportunities including jobs as clinical support, sales, marketing, administration, production and research and developmental, distribution and logistics. The pharmaceutical industry employs about 3.7 thousand personnel in comparison to the entire employment in the UAE, which is more than ten thousand. This means that the competition for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry in UAE is very stiff.

Manufacturing Companies

There are several pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in UAE. These companies employ a number of employees and produce hundreds of different pharmaceutical products. Most of these manufacturing companies are located in Fujairah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Offshore Business

In the past, pharmaceutical companies in UAE focused on selling their pharmaceutical products in the local market. However, with the introduction of medical tourism in UAE over the last few years, more companies have started to focus on the offshore market. They focus on developing medical technology to manufacture other medical products, such as surgical gloves, surgical masks and catheters, sterilizers and other medical equipment that can be utilized in other countries.

Demand in the medical market

A large number of health-related industries in the UAE are growing every year, especially as the demand for medical supplies and services to grow significantly. According to estimates, more than two million people in the UAE are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer. To meet the growing medical supply demand, more companies are setting up medical outlets all over the country. The outlets are capable of providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Many of these medical outlets are established local pharmacies.

Growing Businesses

The demand and supply of medical supplies in Dubai and medical services are increasing almost every year. Several pharmaceutical companies from the UAE are establishing local manufacturing plants. This has led to several new pharmaceutical companies from the UAE being established. These companies employ thousands of skilled professionals who are trained accordingly. Moreover, a large number of engineers and technologists from the local and international market are coming to the city to take advantage of the growing pharmaceutical companies in the UAE.

Growing Profits

Many pharmaceutical companies in the UAE have established their products in the local market, but they have to face certain challenges due to certain shortages in the local market. For example, in spite of producing great quality drugs, they face certain shortages in some areas. Companies have to keep experimenting with various products to improve the quality of the drugs produced. Consequently, they increase their research and development costs, which lead to an increase in their products’ prices.