Everything You Need To Know About API Certification

Everything You Need To Know About API Certification

There are several different ways to become certified as an API inspector. Most certifications require a certain amount of experience, and API tests are no different. Some questions are straightforward, while others test your knowledge of theories and principles. While some questions may contain irrelevant information, API attempts to verify that you can interpret and evaluate them. If you are looking for this certification, you must consider hiring professional API Q1 consultancy services.

API 571 Corrosion and Materials certification:

API 571 is an examination designed for those responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing equipment and facilities subject to corrosion and other materials. Specifically, it’s intended for corrosion engineers, quality assurance inspectors, and other industry professionals. The API 571 exam requires knowledge of the damage mechanisms and proper identification of these materials. However, other credentials may prove useful for a quality assurance inspector.

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If you are an API inspector, you may want to recertify your certification every six years to remain current with the latest changes in the API standard. To recertify, you must pass an open book, 25-question exam. The exam is an open book, so you can study as much as possible, as long as you keep your answers correct. You will have up to four hours to complete the exam and can pause it up to three times. If you fail the exam, you must apply for a new certification and take the full exam.


There are two ways to pay for API certification. The first option is to pay for the entire course online. You can find out more about the fee schedule on the website. The second option is to pay for the exam separately. The Prometric examination fee is separate from the course fees. In either case, the examination fee must be paid separately. For more information about the exam fees, click here. API certification requires a minimum of five candidates.